A Short Introduction to Coaching Skills and the GROW Model

You feel that sense of inspiration. You’ve been doing your research and you have multiple pages saved on your browser. You’ve been telling all your friends about this.

You have an image in your mind of what you want to achieve. The only problem is that you’re a little lost on how to achieve this dream.

This little hand book will be for you. Learn the Grow Model: A model that systematically takes you step by step to reaching your goal. The techniques in this books will help you define your goal.

Then it’ll help you bridge the gap between your reality and your goal. Then it’ll help you brain storm how you’re going to achieve your goal. Finally, this little book will keep you motivated to realise your goal. Whenever you feel demotivated, pick this little book up and you’ll be back on track.

Not only does it eloquently explain the grow model but it also introduces you to the basic concepts of coaching. Use these concepts to help you excel in other aspects of life. This book is ideal for someone who is new to coaching. It’s also great for seasoned coaches who are looking to quickly refresh their memories and pick up a few tips.

With only 100 pages, this little book is quick, easy and reader-friendly. Whether it’s to help you achieve your goals, educate you in the fundamentals of coaching or to help you refresh your memory this little book is perfect.

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