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Advanced leadership: Become a Transformational Leader

    Performance Consultants is an internationally renowned company for leadership development on a global scale. Based in London, New York and Beijing, their team of facilitators offers online and on-site... read more

Test your skills as Transformational Leader with this questionnaire!

      Do you consider Transformational Leadership a great fit for yourself and your company? Then start by testing your current status as Transformational Leader. The most recent and prestigious tool is... read more

Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

What is it all about? One of the most revolutionary ideas to come out late 18th and early 19th century could potentially be that of the unconscious mind and... read more
Neuro Linguistic programming advanced facilitator training

Neurolinguistic Program Facilitator Training

What is this about? NLP is one of the most powerful tools in the world that can be used for revolutionizing one’s life. The top coaches in the world use... read more
Freedom From The Known

Freedom From The Known

Member Content
What is "freedom"? Over the eons humankind has endeavoured to characterize freedom and comprehend what it means to really be free. Is it true that one is free when... read more


To keep your body healthy you have to engage in certain habits such as exercising and eating healthily. The same can be said about your brain. Just like your... read more
Transpersonal Coaching Model

ASE Facilitator & Transpersonal Coach Training

  About The ASE (Authentic self-empowerment) Facilitator & Transpersonal Coach Training is a course programmed to help coaches reach a higher level in their professional and personal capacities. The course is focused... read more
Hunyuan QI Therapy

Hunyuan Qi Therapy program

Two years - Three continents. Yes. This is not a weekend course promissing quick results. It is based on three modules of two weeks each over a 24 months period.... read more
Parental coaching tools

Neuroscience for parents

Raising children can be hard. Unfortunately having a baby does not come with a manual. Billions of humans have been born over the years and for most individuals there... read more
Introduction to Richard

An Evening with Richard Bandler

Consider a magic show. The sparkles, the colors and the excitement. Think of that feeling of child-like wonder you feel when you watch the show. Now instead of pulling... read more